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EARN $50,000!! Federal Child Protection Act of 1984

Child Exploitation (18 USC 1470, 2251, 2252, 2253, 2254, 2422, & 2425)The Postal Inspection Service has long been recognized as the leading federal law enforcement agency in the effort to combat the production and distribution of child pornography and other crimes exploiting children through the mail and, when it involves the mail, over the Internet.

EARN $50,000!! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATION speaking out against child pornography, child endangerment and those who engage in such acts online, in-person, through the mail or email. Please support our cause by clicking the below link to REPORT child sexual ABUSE if found on Google or TOR browsers. All reports can be anonymous or confidential but for the reward it should also be forwarded to The United States Postmaster General or USPS will pay a $50,000 reward for the arrest of C.P. offenders utilizing the mail for distribution of C.P. If found in circulation, please end the abuse right where its at by notifying your mail carrier, Google and

PLEASE speak up and help save an innocent child's life. What may seem like "not such a big deal" is actually just the outer layer of a more horrific crime driven by many child abuse forms, which can follow these kids into adulthood ruining their entire life. Often unseen or unnoticed C.P. may be going on right next door. Be aware of unusual cries, unusual behavior and other sounds. If in doubt, shout out "What is going on over there" 9/10 times the abuse will stop for the moment. Do not dismiss it! Follow up and stay alert! You may be the only one to save the child's life. There is nothing acceptable about this act or ignoring it! For more information about the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, call toll-free 1-877-876-2455, or visit our Web site http://postalinspectors.uspis.govEARN $50,000!! Child pornography is the most vile act an adult can commit against a child under the guise of something less harming. Please help us end child abuse in all forms and earn $50,000 too! Don't forget to donate! 
Postal Inspectors have investigated child sexual exploitation and the distribution of pornography for the past 30 years. Since the enactment of the Federal Child Protection Act of 1984, Postal Inspectors have arrested thousands of child molesters and pornographers and, even better, have rescued more than 1 thousand child victims.


  1. "Sexual Exploitation of Children, $50,000. The use of the mails to traffic in child pornography, or facilitate any other crime relating to the sexual exploitation of children."

  2. report a C.P. crime


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