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Friday, January 04, 2019

SeXXX Shops Needs A New Posting Format and A Decent Shop Format (Reiki ? as well)

Okay I realize that my blog hasn't been what it should be...Now that I am clean and sober :) (YEAH THANK YOU) I clearly see that this blog makes absolutely no sense. Therefore I am going to turn it into an adult forum and novelty shops and the like.

Trying to find creative useful adult content is very difficult. A lot of this seems like its not even necessary for real life so I would like to create a useful arena for adult content.

For example, I have a natural Reiki Energy ability in my right hand. It is like a mini tornado of energy that I am able to harness and others are able to feel it so we can have a lot of fun with this. I discovered my Reiki Ability through sexual contact. Over the years I have discovered that the reason jI do things better than 99% of woman is because I am able to channel my sexual energy and my Reiki Energy which are the exact same frequence and I use this to share orgasmic energy with my partner. He's pretty cool and although we have NEVER talked about this until recently we bother knew that I was very different. This is something that I a willing to explore and actually this is the first time that I have acknowledged this talent and I'm a bit nervous to write this but if it helps others direct the right energy in the right place at the right time we can effectively do some serious sexual treatment or help in erectile dis-function and inability to orgasm. I really believe I can fix certain men with certain problems by using my energy ability in direct ways.

A good friend of mine had prostate cancer and I was able to fix his brokenness after his treatments. This was the first time I realized that I had a gift that could cure others. My question to the world is Now What Do I Do?

Can anyone respond and advise me on this?

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